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Burning Battery

30 Apr 2021 | rants

Burned Battery

My old phone was on its last leg. The battery ran out of juice too fast and there are more hiccups when using it. Part of the reason why is because I stopped getting Android updates for a long time already. I considered unlocking the bootloader to install a custom ROM like Lineage OS. Unfortunately, Huawei refused to provide the bootloader unlock code. Even though I bought a new phone recently, I didn’t want to throw my old phone away. The biggest problem was just the battery so I went on eBay to purchase a new battery and tried to install it myself.

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Generate Links to All Directory Files in Jekyll Collection

30 Mar 2021 | programming

I faced some limitations on Github Pages when I wanted to link all files inside a directory with Jekyll. Jekyll is a decent static site generator if you want to create a blog. Anything more complicated than that require messing around JavaScript and Liquid template language. This hack is meant for Jekyll sites that use collections instead of posts.

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Jekyll Cornell Notes

03 Mar 2021 | programming

Jekyll Cornell Notes

I wrote a flashcards generator a few months back. I used it a lot when I was studying for the Food Manager exam. Flashcards are very useful when there are a lot of facts to memorize, but it’s not as effective if the topic has concepts to be understood rather than memorized. I noticed this when I read self-help books. The lessons in these books are helpful but they fade over time if I don’t review them. When I want to find a specific concept but don’t remember where it is in the book, it can be time-consuming to find it.

The Cornell notes system is great for organizing this type of information. I combined the system with the interactivity of JavaScript for my project.

Link to project: Jekyll Cornell Notes

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Audiosurf 2 Bot

12 Feb 2021 | programming

I finally got a simple Audiosurf 2 Bot up and running. I had the thought of building this bot for a long time but never made the commitment to just sit down and do it. Here’s what it looks like:

This was the first working prototype. There were still glaring issues about accuracy and performance. I fixed some minor problems like the ship not hitting far left or far right blocks. It gets the job done but it’s still a crappy bot. There are still a few issues I have not been able to address yet.

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