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Audiosurf 2 Bot

12 Feb 2021 | programming

I finally got a simple Audiosurf 2 Bot up and running. I had the thought of building this bot for a long time but never made the commitment to just sit down and do it. Here’s what it looks like:

This was the first working prototype. There were still glaring issues about accuracy and performance. I fixed some minor problems like the ship not hitting far left or far right blocks. It gets the job done but it’s still a crappy bot. There are still a few issues I have not been able to address yet.

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Preparing Training Data for Cascade Classifier

30 Jan 2021 | programming

I’ve been building a bot for a game called Audiosurf 2. In that game, you play as a ship that collects blocks and avoid spikes. I used OpenCV, a computer vision library, for processing the images. I followed a few tutorials on YouTube on training a Haar cascade classifier. The results were disappointing. I had a lot of false positives because I did not understand how to prepare samples for the model to train with.

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Read, Exercise, Meditate

07 Jan 2021 | rants

In 2020, time passed slowly for me because I stayed indoor most of the time. Every time I followed the news, constant barrage of sensational stories overwhelmed me. I watched the riot at the Capitol Building with dread and uncertainty because I live 30 minutes away from where it happened. With so many things going on around the U.S., I decided that it’s much better for me to focus on my well-being rather than getting sucked into current events.

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Creating Popup Modal

28 Dec 2020 | web

For the library project on The Odin Project, I spent a few hours learning how to make a modal. I did not have to make one, but I had fun learning how to do it. This post is a quick guide on making a popup modal. I pulled this straight from the library project. You can adjust it as needed.

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