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Going down the Programming Rabbit Hole

30 Mar 2018 | rants

Rabbit hole

If you want to start learning programming today, it’s very easy. There are so many resources available online that makes it seem like you can become a good programmer in no time at all. I did a quick google search for “how to learn python” and the first thing that pops up is a video titled How to Learn Python in Five Minutes. This video gives you a basic outline of the steps you need to take to become proficient at programming. But the title is extremely misleading. The path to become a programmer is not always linearly laid out as the speaker described.

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Taking a Look at Users of Accessible Websites

20 Mar 2018 | web

When I took a MOOC to learn HTML/CSS a while back, I remembered the instructor encouraged students to create accessible websites. I understood the premise behind it. By making accessible sites, I’d be able to reach a wider audience. Since not every user has access to a good computer with fast internet connection running the latest browser. It’s the same thing with parking at any given shopping area. There are a lot more normal parking spots than handicapped spots but they are there for a reason. People with disability can easily find the designated spots in a crowded parking lot.

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The Longest Hold Time with Google

05 Mar 2018 | rants

A friend of mine was starting a business and so I helped him out with designing a website and getting his business listed on Google. We started the set up process and filled in all the information required. Finally, we got to a page where Google said that it will send a postcard by mail to the business for verification. No problem, we just need to wait a few days for the postcard to arrive. I clicked on the button for it to be sent. Then Google My Business took me to a page where a notification said “Google has suspended your page due to quality issues.” What? How did Google suspended his business page when he hasn’t even done anything yet?

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Useful Python Tips

19 Feb 2018 | programming

This is a collection of some useful Python tips since I first started learning the language. I found out about them through different projects, online courses, and code challenges. The caveat is that they are a bit all over the place. They range from setting up a virtual environment to more general Python tips. As I learn more about the language, I will update this post.

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