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Income Calculator Program

24 Jan 2018 | programming

The first thing I built with Python was an income calculator program. At the time, my job paid me an hourly rate. I had no fixed schedule and had to often come in to cover for my coworkers. My wages vary a lot every other week or so. I used to have to bring up the calculator app every week to crunch out the numbers. I had to remember how many hours I worked on each day of the week, add them all up together and multiply that to my wage. Thinking back on it now, it was really slow and tedious.

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Mini Cactpot Algorithm Part 2

07 Jan 2018 | programming

This is the second part of the mini cactpot algorithm. This post is about calculating potential values of each line on the ticket and recommend the highest line of value to the user. If you want to see how to set up the mini cactpot ticket, use this link: Part 1.

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Mini Cactpot Algorithm Part 1

26 Dec 2017 | programming

Here is the link to part 2: Part 2

This is the first part of the mini cactpot algorithm. If you want to take a look at the complete code, click on the link: FF14 Mini Cactpot Calculator. I will be talking about two main classes of the program, Game and Calculate. The class Game deals with displaying the ticket to the user, getting user inputs, and updating the ticket accordingly. The class Calculate does the heavy lifting by calculating all possible combinations of three number lines on the ticket and the payout of each.

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FF14 Mini Cactpot Calculator

14 Dec 2017 | programming

New ticket

Update: I made a web app for this program hosted on PythonAnywhere. Here’s the link: Mini Cactpot Calculator. It does the same thing as this program but it looks much better and is more user-friendly.

Final Fantasy 14 MMO has a minigame called Mini Cactpot The ticket plays out on a three by three matrix with numbers from one to nine. The interesting thing about the game is that you cannot reveal all the possible numbers on the ticket. You get a number for a new ticket and can scratch off three additional numbers. Therefore the ticket still has five hidden numbers that you have to guess.

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