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Install Wifi Adapter Drivers for Ubuntu

18 Dec 2020 | technology

One of the annoyance I have with using Ubuntu is installing the right drivers for wifi adapters. Some adapters work out of the box without any issue but others require installing additional drivers. This post will be a list of what drivers to install for different adapters I own. For reference, my Ubuntu version is 20.04 LTS but it might also work for other versions.

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Tracking My Working Hours

09 Dec 2020 | technology

I tried out a few Pomodoro apps when I study or do work to stop myself from checking the phone. Most of them are quite similar and offer the same functionalities. But the one I use the most is Forest. It’s the most charming Pomodoro that I keep coming back to. The $1.99 I paid for the app has paid for itself many times over in term of my productivity gain. The interface is clean and simple. I can also tag what the time is being used to do and it breaks down those hours for me in nice graphs.

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Connecting Patterns in Learning

29 Nov 2020 | rants

I recently read an interesting book about learning called A Mind for Numbers by Barbara Oakley. In the book, she explained different strategies that influence learning and how to do it more effectively. One particular phrase stood out to me:

Good chunks form neural patterns that resonate, not only within the subject we’re working in, but with other subjects and areas of our lives. The abstraction helps you transfer ideas from one area to another.

As I read this, I understood that pattern recognition was a vital part of how I learned. The funny thing is that it’s an automatic process. I wish I could do a brain dump of all the information I learned and connect them one at a time.

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Pausing Loops with Await in JavaScript

20 Nov 2020 | programming

When I was working on creating a simple test for my flashcards app, I ran into a problem. I have an object containing the term and answer pairs. The simplest way to go through the test would be to loop through the keys and displays the answer when user clicks on Answer button. The problem was that the loop does not stop on each iteration for the user to select whether their answer was correct or not. I looked up different methods to solve this problem because I wasn’t aware of how asynchronous functions work. Then I stumbled upon a similar StackOverflow question and somebody suggested in the comment to use async.

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