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Preparing Training Data for Cascade Classifier

30 Jan 2021 | programming

I’ve been building a bot for a game called Audiosurf 2. In that game, you play as a ship that collects blocks and avoid spikes. I used OpenCV, a computer vision library, for processing the images. I followed a few tutorials on YouTube on training a Haar cascade classifier. The results were disappointing. I had a lot of false positives because I did not understand how to prepare samples for the model to train with.

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Read, Exercise, Meditate

07 Jan 2021 | rants

In 2020, time passed slowly for me because I stayed indoor most of the time. Every time I followed the news, constant barrage of sensational stories overwhelmed me. I watched the riot at the Capitol Building with dread and uncertainty because I live 30 minutes away from where it happened. With so many things going on around the U.S., I decided that it’s much better for me to focus on my well-being rather than getting sucked into current events.

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Creating Popup Modal

28 Dec 2020 | web

For the library project on The Odin Project, I spent a few hours learning how to make a modal. I did not have to make one, but I had fun learning how to do it. This post is a quick guide on making a popup modal. I pulled this straight from the library project. You can adjust it as needed.

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Install Wifi Adapter Drivers for Ubuntu

18 Dec 2020 | technology

One of the annoyance I have with using Ubuntu is installing the right drivers for wifi adapters. Some adapters work out of the box without any issue but others require installing additional drivers. This post will be a list of what drivers to install for different adapters I own. For reference, my Ubuntu version is 20.04 LTS but it might also work for other versions.

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