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Scraping for Jobs on Indeed

17 Mar 2020 | programming

A couple months back I started applying for jobs on Indeed. I expected the process to be slow. Pretty much everyone understood that applying online is one of the worst ways to find a job. But I wasn’t as discouraged because I wasn’t desperate to find a job right away. After applying to a dozen jobs or so on Indeed, I realized that I much prefer having all of these jobs in a CSV file for easy organization. Since Indeed is a well known company, I thought they would have an easy to use API for people to use. Unfortunately, that feature is only available to Indeed publishers.

Link to project: Job Applications Backlog

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Removing Google Analytics

22 Jan 2020 | technology

Since I first started this blog, I used Google Analytics to track the traffic. Back then, it seemed to be the standard way to track how my blog is doing. I seldomly checked my traffic since this blog is mostly a way for me to document my progress. A few months back I started to use Cloudflare to help me manage my DNS and reduce load times. Then I found out something interesting from Cloudflare. Since Cloudflare sits between the client and my site, it’s able to capture all of the traffic on my site accurately compared to Google Analytics.

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Portfolio Allocation and Rebalance Calculator

08 Jan 2020 | programming

Every month, I hop on to Vanguard to take a look at my IRA account. Since I don’t have automatic investing set up, I manually contribute to my IRA and allocate the money to the specific ETFs that I own. The contribution limit for 2019 was $6,000 so every month I would contribute $500. While manual contribution seems like additional work compared to using a target date fund, it offers me the advantage of freely allocating my portfolio. The tradeoff is that I need to spend around ten minutes every month crunching the numbers for the allocation. To make the process less tedious, I wrote a simple portfolio rebalance calculator for that. In this post, I’ll talk about the rationale behind choosing to do my own allocation and how the rebalance calculator helped me.

Link to Project: Rebalance Calculator

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Python unittest Assert Methods

02 Jan 2020 | programming

This post contains the assert methods listed in the documentation for Python unittest module. It’s a quick reference so I don’t have to scroll through the docs to find a specific statement.

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