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Uncommon Semantic HTML Tags

16 Apr 2019 | web

I’ve been using HTML for a while now to build websites but every now and then, I learn something new about the language. There are a lot of different tags in HTML, some provide the structure of the page while others provide the meaning to it. With HTML5, there’s some new semantic markup that I learned and want to share in this post.

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Planning My PC Upgrade

12 Mar 2019 | rants

One thing I disliked about Windows is that the system tends to become slower over time. I looked up ways to speed up the performance of my PC but they involved disabling features to free up resources. But as softwares update, they eventually use up those resources anyway. Back in high school, I had an old Windows XP machine with 2GB of RAM that could run Firefox, a video game, and Yahoo Messenger with no noticeable lag. Now, Firefox alone can use up 2GB of RAM easily with just some tabs open. My friend and I built this PC several years back so I thought maybe it’s time to upgrade.

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Wix, a Platform Full of Problems

03 Feb 2019 | web

Maybe you’ve heard of Wix, it’s a popular drag and drop site builder. I had a client recently who purchased the hosting and domain name from Wix for his nonprofit site. He contacted me to help him design the site. Initially, I was hesitant about the project since it involved Wix. I have not worked extensively with Wix but I’ve heard negative things about the platform. However, I thought to myself that maybe I could learn something new from this project so I took him on the offer.

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Making a Cash Register with JavaScript

03 Jan 2019 | programming

I’ve been working through the curriculum at Free Code Camp to learn front end development. Since I already know some HTML and CSS, I spent the majority of my time learning JavaScript. This post is about the solution for last challenge of the JavaScript section, Cash Register.

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