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Taking Programming Notes with Github

13 Dec 2018 | technology

I used to take programming notes with pen and paper. It was helpful in the beginning because it forced me to focus on the code so I can write it down. The drawback is that it’s really slow and sometimes the code can go over several pages. Trust me, flipping through pages of code is not fun.

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Jekyll Static Blog with Github Pages

28 Nov 2018 | web

For the past couple weeks I’ve been looking for a new host for my websites. My hosting plan with NameCheap expired last week so I’ve been shopping around to find a better host. Initially I considered renewing the hosting plan again since it’s only $38.88 per year, plus $8.88 for the SSL certificate, and $13.16 for the domain name. But I decided against it because if I just renew my hosting plan, I would just end up using WordPress again. There’s nothing wrong with using WordPress but I would not learn anything new from it.

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Identity and Craftsmanship

27 Oct 2018 | rants

A thought came to me in such a force that I felt the need to express it. There were times before when I had an idea in my mind, only to push it back because it was not a good time for me to put it down. These first few lines I put down are just reminder to myself of the thought before I fail to catch the tail end of it.

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Make a Chatbot with IBM Watson Part 2

23 Oct 2018 | technology


Here is the link to part 1: Part 1

Now that we finished with defining the intents for our chatbot, let’s move on to entities and dialogs. In general, entities are specific details about what the user wants. In the previous part, I mentioned that a user who wants to find RPG games is different from a user who wants to get a shooter game. The details about their games are different. This is where entities come in. They allow us to hone in specifically on the details and deliver customized responses to our users.

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