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Generate Links to All Directory Files in Jekyll Collection

30 Mar 2021 | programming

I faced some limitations on Github Pages when I wanted to link all files inside a directory with Jekyll. Jekyll is a decent static site generator if you want to create a blog. Anything more complicated than that require messing around JavaScript and Liquid template language. This hack is meant for Jekyll sites that use collections instead of posts.

Collection Directory

My collection is called _notes. For Jekyll to recognize a collection, it’s need to be included in _config.yml:

include: ["_notes"]

    output: true
  - scope:
      path: "_notes"
      layout: note

The configuration above tells Jekyll to include the collection directory when generating the site. HTML outputs are created from the markdown files inside the collection.

Tagging Files

To categorize each markdown file, include a tag variable in the front matter. This tag will be used later to grab similar documents. I had a directory for the book Peak so I made a tag with the same title at the top of the markdown file:

layout: note
title: The Power of Purposeful Practice
tag: Peak

Grabbing URL

I created links.html inside the _includes directory with the following Liquid code:

{% for doc in site.pages %}
  {% if doc.tag == include.tag %}
    {{ doc.url | split: "/" | last }}
    {{ doc.title }}
  {% endif %}
{% endfor %}

The code above grabs all the documents that have the same tag. Since Jekyll outputs an HTML file for each document, there is a URL to each one of them. Using the same example earlier, the URL to that example is: /notes/peak/the-power-of-purposeful-practice.html. I am only interested in the relative link of that URL so I split the string at the forward slash and grab the last part of the URL.

My directory tree looks similar to this:

├── _config.yml
├── _includes
│   └── links.html
└── notes
    └── peak
        └── the-power-of-purposeful-practice.md

The last thing I need to do is going back to the markdown file and include links.html to where I want to display the links. I pass the front matter tag to the include statement.

{% include links.html tag=page.tag %}

Now your document will show links to the documents that share the same tag inside that directory.

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