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Python unittest Assert Methods

02 Jan 2020 | programming

This post contains the assert methods listed in the documentation for Python unittest module. It’s a quick reference so I don’t have to scroll through the docs to find a specific statement.

Commonly Used

Method Checks that
assertEqual(a, b) a == b
assertNotEqual(a, b) a != b
assertTrue(x) bool(x) is True
assertFalse(x) bool(x) is False
assertIs(a, b) a is b
assertIsNot(a, b) a is not b
assertIsNone(x) x is None
assertIsNotNone(x) x is not None
assertIn(a, b) a in b
assertNotIn(a, b) a not in b
assertIsInstance(a, b) isinstance(a, b)
assertNotIsInstance(a, b) not isinstance(a, b)

Exceptions, Warnings, and Logs

Method Checks that
assertRaises(exc, fun, *args, **kwds) fun(*args, **kwds) raises exc
assertRaisesRegex(exc, r, fun, *args, **kwds) fun(*args, **kwds) raises exc
and the message matches regex r
assertWarns(warn, fun, *args, **kwds) fun(*args, **kwds) raises warn
assertWarnsRegex(warn, r, fun, *args, **kwds) fun(*args, **kwds) raises warn
and the message matches regex r
assertLogs(logger, level) The with block logs on logger with
minimum level

Specific Checks

Method Checks that
assertAlmostEqual(a, b) round(a-b, 7) == 0
assertNotAlmostEqual(a, b) round(a-b, 7) != 0
assertGreater(a, b) a > b
assertGreaterEqual(a, b) a >= b
assertLess(a, b) a < b
assertLessEqual(a, b) a <= b
assertRegex(s, r) r.search(s)
assertNotRegex(s, r) not r.search(s)
assertCountEqual(a, b) a and b have the same elements in the
same number, regardless of their order


Method Used to Compare
assertMultiLineEqual(a, b) strings
assertSequenceEqual(a, b) sequences
assertListEqual(a, b) lists
assertTupleEqual(a, b) tuples
assertSetEqual(a, b) sets or frozensets
assertDictEqual(a, b) dicts

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